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Discreetly installed in the vehicle

Records the following information for each journey:

Start date/time
End date/time
Total journey time (hours and minutes)
Travel time (hours and minutes)
Idle time (hours and minutes)
Peak speed
Average speed

Up to 1,000 journeys recorded before a data download is required

Optional audible warning after excessive idling
Can be programmed to emit a constant audible warning if the vehicle has been idling for more than a specified number of minutes. The driver is forced to switch the engine off to stop the noise. This will reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle.

Optional crash analysis*
In the unfortunate event of an accident the box will record the last 16 seconds of speed prior to impact. If any auxiliary inputs have been setup then the activity of the auxiliaries is also recorded in the last 16 seconds.

Requires an additional accident detection switch to be installed

Several ways to download the vehicle data from the Data Logger Box:

Handheld computer (PDA)
Used to download the vehicle data and store it before importing into the Fleet Manager software. When the PDA is synchronised with the PC then the data is automatically copied to the PC.

If the vehicle has a modem installed you can download the data direct from the vehicle using the Fleet Manager software. This means you can download the data wherever the vehicle is located.

PC files
If the vehicle data has been downloaded from a remote site, the data files can be sent or emailed to the main site for importing into the Fleet Manager software.

Automatic calibration
When the data is downloaded from the vehicle you have the option of entering the current odometer reading. This allows the Fleet Manager software to detect any difference in the calculated reading and the true reading. The software can then recommend adjustments to the setup of the Data Logger Box to make the journey data more accurate.

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