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Data Route consists of a small Data Logger Box installed in the vehicle that records journey information.

As the vehicle is used in its daily routine, the Data Logger Box will collect information about each journey and store it. This data is then downloaded into Fleet Manager software where it can be analysed.

In its simplest form you have the ability to monitor when and how your vehicles are used.

The software also allows you to enter a complete service history, a fuel history and can calculate how much your fleet is costing you. It will also tell you when services are due and will keep track of any MOT and road tax that is due for renewal.

Please see the features page for more details of Data Route.

Driver Identification
The system also allows you to monitor your drivers as well as your vehicles.

With the optional driver identification feature you will know exactly who was driving the vehicle during each journey.

To enhance the system even further you can opt for a GPS receiver. The Data Logger Box will then record the vehicle location at the end of each journey. You can then view maps showing where the vehicle has been during the day. You can also see the routes the vehicle took.

Remote Accessibility
You can also opt for a modem to be installed which means you can download the vehicle data wherever it is located using the Fleet Manager software.

If you also have the GPS receiver installed you will be able to track the location of your vehicles in real time on a map. This will allow you to determine more accurate arrival times if a driver is running late and also be able to assist the driver if he gets lost. You could even locate a vehicle in the event of it being stolen.
Please see the options page for more details on the options available.

If your business operates specialised vehicles such as plant, tractors or even fork lift trucks, the system records the no. of hours a vehicle is used making it easy to track when the correct maintenance is required.

If your specialised vehicles have various auxiliaries attached, for example a road sweeper, then you can record the activity of these auxiliaries. This gives you the ability to ensure the equipment is being used correctly and at the right time. If you also have the GPS receiver installed you can even see where the equipment was used.

Please see the specialised vehicles page for more details.
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