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If you operate specialised vehicles where the use of the vehicle is recorded in hours rather than miles or km, then Data Route does this for you. You can then setup various servicing schedules based on the no. of hours a vehicle is used for.

Optional auxiliary inputs
Allows the Data Logger Box to record the activity of specialised equipment on the vehicles, for example plant equipment and road sweepers etc. The box can then record the use of the equipment in various ways. Up to 12 auxiliaries can be setup

Each auxiliary can be recorded in three ways:

An event will be recorded when the auxiliary is used and will show the date/time when equipment is being used. If a GPS receiver is fitted then one auxiliary can also be setup to record the location where the equipment was used.

This will record the no. of times that the auxiliary is used within a journey, eg. how many times the driver used the horn.

This will record the no. of minutes the auxiliary was used within a journey, eg. how long the lights were on for.

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